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Data Science is a field that involves the extraction of insights from data, usually with the aim of making informed decisions or predictions.

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DS Using C

About DS Using C

Data structures and algorithms are fundamental concepts in computer science that are used to store, organize, and manipulate data efficiently. C is a popular programming language for implementing data structures and algorithms due to its low-level capabilities and high performance.

Some of the topics that may be covered in a course or tutorial on data structures and algorithms using C include:

In addition to learning about these concepts, students will also gain practical experience through programming exercises and projects. They may also learn about algorithm analysis and optimization techniques to help them evaluate and improve the efficiency of their code.

Overall, studying data structures and algorithms using C is a valuable skill for any programmer, as it can help them to write more efficient and effective code. It is particularly useful for those who are interested in systems programming, embedded systems, or other areas where low-level performance is critical.


DS Using C

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Interview Questions

Variable is an identity of memory allocation.

Using variable, we can store and process information.

  • We need to specify the data type in the declaration of every variable.
  • Data type describes about type of data allowed to store into variable and how much memory allocated.

Operator is a symbol that performs operation on data.

A Block of instructions defined to perform a task.

Array is used to store more than one value but of same type.

String is a sequence of characters.

Pointer stores address of memory location by which we can process information.

A user defined data type by which we can store more than one element of different types of data.

File is a user defined data type by which we can store the information physically(permanently).